Welcome to Asifunde

Asifunde is an online IT school, which is membership based. Asifunde uses the platforms which are almost similar to YouTube and Facebook.

Asifunde uses well recorderd and high quality video tutorials to offer its lessons and explain concepts across.

Asifunde also makes use of a Social Chat platform within the Asifunde system, where learners can have private messages amongst themselves and the educator can pass a hint or tip which can be seen by all the students in that course.

Asifunde is a classroom outside the classroom where you have lessons, assignments, tests, chart groups, forums with your classmates and tutors.

Asifunde is a Zulu/Ndebele name for "let us Learn." We have passion for IT (Information Technology). We have made learning fun and easy to follow for everyone. We use Videos, E-Books, Notes, Tips, etc to help you understand better. Some of the courses at Asifunde are:


1.End Use Computing 2.Graphic Designing 3.Website Designing(HTML/CSS)
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Internet and Fundamentals
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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Dreamweaver
  • Manipulating Templates
  • Social Networks
  • Hosting
  • Regular Domain Updating & Maintenance
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4.Website designing (CMS) 5.Computer Programming 6.Career Advice
  • WordPress - CMS System
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Social Netwoks
  • Hosting
  • Regular Domain Updating & Maintenance
  • Small talk Language
  • Python Language
  • Java for Android Development
  • PHP Language
  • Swift Language
  • Database Management System
  • Graphic designer
  • Website developer
  • Mobile Apps developer
  • Systems Developer
  • Database Management
  • Free Lancer
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