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Pastel Accounting

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1. Introduction and Installation of Pastel

1. Introduction to Pastel
2. Installing Pastel into your Computer

2. Working in the Demo Company

1. Opening and Managing the Demo Company
2. Removing and Adding a company
3. Backing up your company data
4. Restoring Backed-up data
5. Navigating in Pastel
6. Pastel Explorer (Introduction)
7. Pastel Explorer (Sorting information by Column)
8. Sorting information by Descending or Ascending Order
9. Pastel Explorer (adding and removing columns)
10. Adding a filter eg Customers with outstanding balances
11. Exporting Pastel Data to Excel
12. How to process an account from Explorer
13. The Menu Bar
14. The Tool Bar
15. The System Navigator
16. Function and Shortcut keys
17. Using F1,F5 and F6 Function keys
18. F1 – (Help Function)
19. F2 – (Note Facility)
20. F4 – (Price Search Facility)
21. F9 – (Calculator)
22. F5 (The Zoom facility)

3. Creating a New Company

1. Creating a new Company

4. Auto Set-Up

1. The Setup Menu
2. Setting up Company Parameters
3. Setting up User Groups
4. Setting up User
5. Setting up Financial Categories
6. Setting up The Reporter Writer Category
7. Set up Entry Types Part1
8. Set up Entry Types Part2
9. Setting up Periods
10. Setting up Tax
11. European Union Set up
12. Setting up Customers Control Part1(Configuration and Statements)
13. Setting up Customers Control Part2(Setting Defaults)
14. Setting up Customers Control Part3(Description and rounding settings)
15. Setting up Customer Documents Part1 (Quotations)
16. Setting up Customer Documents Part2 (Sales Order)
17. Setting up Customer Documents Part3 (Invoice, Credit Note and Debit Note)
18. Setting up Customer Documents Part4 (Receipts)
19. Setting up Supplier Control Part1 (Configuration Settings)
20. Setting up Supplier Control Part2 (Remittances Settings)
21. Setting up Supplier Control Part3 (Defaults Settings)
22. Setting up Supplier Control Part4 (Description Settings)
23. Supplier Documents
24. Setting Up Inventory Part1 (introduction)
25. Setting Up Inventory Part2 (Configuration Settings)
26. Setting Up Inventory Part3 (Integration – Perpetual and Periodic Stock Methods)
27. Setting Up Inventory Part4 (User Fields Settings)
28. Setting Up Inventory Part5 (Bill of Materials Settings)
29. Setting Up Inventory Part6 (Other Tab Settings)

5. Edit Master Files

1. Edit Tab general layout
2. The Chart of Accounts
3. Edit General Ledger
4. Supplier Categories
5. Supplier Accounts
6. Edit Inventory Part1
7. Edit Inventory Part2
8. Creating Customer Categories
9. creating Sales Analysis Codes
10. Creating Customer Accounts Part1(introduction)
11. Creating Customer Accounts Part2(Entering Customer Names)
12. Creating Customer Accounts Part3(Contacts Tab)
13. Creating Customer Accounts Part4(The remaining Tabs)

6. Take on Inventory Balances (Notes)

1. Understanding Journals in Pastel – Notes
2. Taking on General Ledger Balances – Notes
3. Taking On Balances – Notes
4. Taking On Customer Balances – Notes
5. Taking On Supplier Balances – Notes
6. Taking On Inventory Balances – Notes

7. Introduction to Processing

1. To do Lists
2. Correcting Processing Errors – Notes
3. Causes of Data Corruption in Pastel – Notes
4. Back Up Procedure

8. Supplier Processing

(a) processing a purchase order

1. introduction to supplier processing
2. opening purchase order for a company
3. processing a suppliers purchase order
4. Editing documents in Pastel
5. Printing an Outstanding Purchase Order Report
6. Deleting obsolete purchase orders

8. Supplier Processing

(b) processing goods received notes - GRN's

1. introduction to goods received notes
2. processing goods received notes

8. Supplier Processing

(c) supplier invoices

1. introduction to supplier invoices
1a. showing supplier invoices from the diagram of supplier documents
2. how to process your supplier invoices
3. how to check Goods Received Notes successfully linked to the supplier invoice
4. how to delete Goods Received Note line from the processed Supplier Invoice
5. processing financial supplier invoices
6. placing supplier invoices on hold
7. deleting supplier invoices
8. Updating supplier document batches

8. Supplier Processing

(d) return and debit

1. how to process the return and debit

8. Supplier Processing

(e) supplier journals

1. introduction to supplier journals
2. exploring settings button on supplier journal
3. processing supplier journal – sundry suppliers account

9. Customer Processing

(a) create a quotation

1.introduction to customer processing
2.Create a quotation
3.discount on customer documents(notes)
4.discount on customer documents(example)
5.discount on document lines
6.discount set on customer account (trade discount)
7.using abbreviations in documents
8.viewing outstanding quotations
9.deleting quotations

9. Customer Processing

(b)sales order

1.sales orders – introduction
2.creating sales orders in the quotation screen(method 1 – of linking quotations to sales orders)
3.linking sales orders to quotations (method 2 – of linking quotations to sales)
4.alternative use for sales orders (Proforma Invoices)

9. Customer Processing

(c)tax invoices

1.tax invoices – introduction
2.creating tax invoice by linking
3.creating tax invoices without linking to quotations or sales orders (and processing a VAT registered tax invoice)
4.deleting tax invoices
5.updating customer document batches

9. Customer Processing

(d)credit notes

1.processing a credit note(linking it to the tax invoice)

9. Customer Processing

(e)debit notes

1.processing debit notes

9. Customer Processing

(f)customer journals

1.introduction to customer journals
2.processing customer journals

10.Cash Book Processing

(a)reference numbers

1.introduction to reference numbers
2.recommended reference numbers systems

10.Cash Book Processing


1.cash book payment settings
2.cash book receipts settings
3.setting up abbreviations
4.processing tax payments

10.Cash Book Processing

(c)processing in the payments cash book

1.processing in the payments cash book part 1
2.processing in the payments cash book part 2
3.discounts and balance forward suppliers
4.discounts and open item suppliers
5.allocate settlement discount

10.Cash Book Processing

(d)inter account transfers

1.processing inter account transfers

10.Cash Book Processing

(e)processing in the receipts cash book

1.processing in the receipts cash book and consolidating transactions

10.Cash Book Processing

(f)processing in the petty cash book

1.introduction to petty cash book (notes)
2.petty cash receipts(notes)
3.petty cash payments (notes)

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