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HTML Contact Form

HTML Contact Form


We look at the different form tags that you can use. We also look at the FormToEmail.php (free form processing script), step by step and how to fully customize it to your personal liking.



  • introduction
  • form attribute
  • creating contact form page
  • input attribute
  • different input types
  • text type(single row)
  • textarea(multiple rows)
  • textarea(multiple rows)
  • textarea(using rows and columns attribute)
  • email type
  • password type
  • number type
  • time type (shows time only)
  • datetime-local type(showing both date and time)
  • date type (year,month and day)
  • date type (min and max attributes)
  • week type (week and year)
  • month type (month and year)
  • color type (choose from a color picker)
  • file type (choose and upload file from your computer)
  • search type (searching)
  • radio button (choosing only one choice)
  • checkbox type (choosing none or more than one )
  • button type (with onclicklistener attribute)
  • submit type (submit button)
  • reset type (reset button)
  • fieldset (separating your form using sections or fields)
  • legend (form section heading and how to use it with the fieldset)
  • label (extends usability of the form field)
  • select tag (creates drop down list of options)
  • datalist tag (creates drop down list of options)
  • FormToEmail.php (free form processing script)
  • Step by step explaining FormToEmail.php script
  • Customizing and configuring FormToEmail.php script to your contact form
  • Customizing FormToEmail.php script to your personal taste


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