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Learn how to build a website using HTML from scratch. Hands on step by step.



      • Introduction to HTML
      • Introduction to HTML and Notepad
      • HTML Tag
      • Head and Title tags
      • Body tag
      • P (Paragraph) Tag
      • P (Paragraph) Tag
      • H1 to H6 (Heading Tags)
      • List Tag (introduction)
      • Unorderd List Tag
      • Ordered List Tag
      • B (Bold tag)
      • i (italics) Tag
      • Strong Tag
      • Br (Break Tag)
      • Pre (Pre-formatted)
      • Blockquote (indented text)
      • U (Underline) Tag
      • Nesting Tags (eg paragraph, bold, underline, italics)
      • img (putting an image) Tag
      • img (resizing an image) Tag
      • img (image alignment) Tag
      • table (opening and closing table tags)
      • table (table row)
      • table (table header)
      • table (table data)
      • table (table border)
      • table (loading images on the table)
      • table (using a place holder HTML Tag)
      • table (resizing the width of your table)
      • table (cellpadding)
      • table (cellspacing)
      • table (table background colour)
      • table (cell background colour)
      • table (image as table background)
      • table (image as cell background)
      • table (aligning the whole table)
      • table (align individual cell data)
      • table (specifying column width
      • table (column span)
      • table (column span tip)
      • table (row span)
      • table (row span tip)
      • table (creating a responsive table)
      • Anchor tag (Using hyper text links)
      • hr (horizontal rule)
      • Creating a web-page from scratch using HTML
      • Editing and making Changes to the web-page
      • HTML recommended saving extensions
      • Opening your web-page for editing
      • Displaying your content on the web-page


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