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Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computers


Leaning the very computer basics and how to use computer from scratch. From switching on a computer, desktop, creating folders, etc



  1. Desktop, Start Button and Task Bar
  2.  Create new folder and adding icons on desktop
  3.  Left Click VS Right Click
  4.  Window (minimize, maximize and close)
  5.  USB (Introduction)
  6.  USB (How to insert the USB into the computer)
  7. USB (Locating the USB on the computer)
  8.  USB (Transferring files from the computer to the USB)
  9. USB (Transferring files from the USB to the Computer)
  10. USB (How to Eject your USB from your computer)
  11.  CD and DVD introduction
  12.  (Differnce between CD ROM, DVD ROM and DVD Writer)
  13.  (Explaining CD, DVD and ROM meanings)
  14.  DVD ROM and CD ROM (Where to find DVD and CD ROM on your computer)
  15.  How to Copy files from the CD to your Computer
  16.  How to Switch ON and OFF your computer


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